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Imagine the situation when the Angel (or Demon) of Time comes to you and promises to give you a good job, a house and a car in exchange for your years in college. Would you agree to accept such a tempting offer?

Would you agree to change your crazy college friends for boring office colleagues? Would you like to pore over a monthly report instead of writing your essay on the latest scientific novelty which could help millions of people around the world? And finally, would you give up all your hopes and dreams, however groundless they may seem to others, in order to get the house and car you do not like actually?

What if you do not want that job to sit in another concrete and glass box from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.? What if you are going to leave it all after graduation and go Chengdu, China, to become a panda nanny at the local Giant Panda Protection and Research Center? And, by the way, to get about 32.000$ a year, not to mention free accommodation, meals and transit.

Anyway, that is not the only reason to turn down the Angel’s offer. Your study in college is going to become a lavish source of funny stories, painful but well-learnt life lessons and, yes, beautiful memories to warm you up on the way to adult successes.

Well, I know that is what your parents keep telling you. But look, are you really planning to live your college life to the fullest and get the maximum benefit from it? Here is your chance to discover sure-bet study know-hows and student life-hacks! So, here we go!

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Exploring with You

There is an interesting idea, flashing here and there across the vast expanses of the Internet, that a human being can do anything that can occur to it. What is more, there are guys who state that we cannot even imagine all that potential inside our brains and souls. Probably, this is for our own good.

But still we have decided to find out what possibilities you can easily choose from when you are a student and how you should get yourself ready for them!

  • How to manage your current study routine successfully?
  • Why do you think about the second education?
  • How can you benefit from online self-learning?
  • Is it really worth studying abroad?
  • What about getting a really desired job?

Writing with You

Those who say that they can hardly remember anything about their home assignments actually pretend to forget the pains and sorrows of their term papers writing process and the like. Just show me a student who does not know how it feels when the sunrise finds him or her finishing an essay.

However, if you strive to learn how to make your homework more enjoyable and informative than it initially promises to be, you are welcome to check the tips and tricks on our blog!

  • Find neat examples of various types of essays.
  • Check the wide array of original topics only you will come up with.
  • Catch effective academic writing recommendations and instructions.

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Enriching You

Are you ready to discover things that will ruin your stereotypes and blow your sand castles? Do you want to stay in trend and be the first to know the news? We are going to refresh this blog with incredible facts about amazing phenomena and inspiring figures to deepen, widen and sharpen your knowledge!

  • Read the stories of the world’s greatest people.
  • Uncover the mysteries of Nature and Human Being.
  • Stay abreast of the most significant events.

Supporting You

There are days when you are just scrolling down pages to find the right words you want to hear from your dearest and nearest. Or, probably, you are searching for the words to tell others in order to comfort them or protect yourself. Let’s see what we have for you here!

  • Fight your fears and prejudices.
  • Know how to help and motivate your creative self when no one is beside you.
  • Reveal your true talents and know how to apply them in your happy life.

And just remember to enjoy your college life!

Thanks for reading us!