Author Bio

Name:        Rebecca Hart
Location:  Greenwich, NY 12834
Twitter:     @rebelhart69


Rebecca Hart is an avid writer and single parent of three living in Upstate, NY. When she doesn’t have her nose buried in her laptop in her work as an IT Specialist, Rebecca spends as much time as possible outdoors with her nose buried in her laptop, writing instead.

With a few publishing credits under her belt, including her first novel, a fantasy romance titled The Call of the Sea, Rebecca is always striving for more. She is currently querying her newest fantasy novel, MACHENWOOD.

The Journey Here…

The Journey

I have procrastinated quite a bit about what I could possibly put here that would be remotely interesting to a site visitor. I mean, who really cares how I got here? I’m here now and that’s all that really matters in the grand scheme of things, right? But, what kind of website introduction is that?

I’ve been writing stories since high school — just not for public consumption. I attended college for drafting and even worked in that field for a few years.  I hated it. But I was young then, and jobs weren’t my priority. Raising the family I had started was. Until my marriage dissolved in 1996 (man that was a long time ago). My priority then became my children. Being a single parent household is not an easy task. I think I have held about 10 different kinds of jobs. Everything from tending bar to working as a hospital tech. When I was a tech, I considered returning to school for a Nursing degree.  At that time, I took a Creative Writing class for some needed credits, and had some great feedback.  I got an A in the class and LOVED every second of it.

Even with all that, it still wasn’t until about six to eight months ago, that I even considered the fact that I might potentially have something to offer as a writer that someone would actually be interested in reading, let alone entertained while doing so.

For giggles, I sent in a short story or two I had sitting on my hard drives for years– and received polite form rejections.

At that time, I really started to work at writing. I needed stories written to send them in I joined a great peer critique site and also joined the forums at Writer’s Digest.  I have learned alot by reading others posts, critiquing other writers work, and reading anything I could get my hands on.

Just think, it only took me about twenty years to get here. 🙂