Perfect Memory: How to Improve Your Memory and Results


Have you ever thought about self-developing in terms of meliorating your memorization? It is quite ordinary and an every-day thing we all possess and never mind about. Remodeling the style of our thinking and behavior can bring a whole multitude of essential “life-hacks” that we will soon not imagine our existence without. Now you know where to find the information about how to write an essay concerning tips to improve your memory and results. This writing provides you with necessary and simple exercises on a daily basis which will boost your personal records.

Train Your Memory Without Noticing It

There are so many breathtaking stories, moments and situations we would like to remember and retell to our friends, but we fail to do that simply because we forget. Probably you have already faced with the problem of missing some episodes from your life or just leaving out fragments from a story, book or film. Do not think that it is a peculiarity of your body or anything else of that kind, it is just the matter of training your mental abilities. Memory can be compared with muscles, the more you load it each time, the more you are able to complete. So, the first memory training technique, which is extremely popular nowadays, will take 10 minutes of your treasure time per day. Write down from 5 to 10 words on separate small sheets of paper and put them in sight, so that they would catch your eye during the day (as you wake in the morning, for example). If you look at those papers from time to time every day, your visual memory snaps into action, and soon you will be surprised at how many of these new words you know without learning them. That method is quite tricky but very effective, because you do not try hard, learning the words on your own, you do it unconsciously instead. To develop your memorizing abilities, try to write out a little bigger number of words every several days.

Imagine, Repeat and Learn!

Memory Improvement

The next method of developing your memory is to repeat. When you have already picked up a bunch of words and want to use them while talking to your foreign friend, you often deal with the problem of missing words in the process of communication. Though, it is not a reason to fall into despair, read aloud a new word, then think about the association that first arises in your mind and then repeat it twice times more.  That will not take a lot of time and it is even funny to imagine some picture-illustrations to different words. This method brings only a lot of laughs and pleasure. Mix business with pleasure!

Passive Way of Memory Improvement

Crazy rhythms of our fussy world make us work and operate loads of information, names, calls, and data in a non-stop regime, frequently we hardly have a few hours for a sleep. Still, it appears that sleep deficiency badly influences our memory, too. Scientists have proved that a good sleep is a guarantee for good memory. While we sleep, the connections between neurons are made, which allows us to remember more and keep it in an active memory. There is also a multitude of products for memory improvement like sea kale which has a big consistency of iodine. So, if you have chosen a more passive way of enhancement your memorization, you may give a try to nice sleep or nutritious food.

Working Memory

Furthermore, since you decided to “rule your memory” and get the ability to remember a lot, it would be valuable for you to know, that there are two kinds of memory: active “working” or long-term memory, and short-term memory. Routine tasks that we complete each day are recorded in our working memory. That type of memory is responsible for building moves, making decisions. So, if you try to memorize any address or just try to learn any new thing, it means that an active memory system is working. The crucial fact to know about memory boosting is that we cannot be perfect when doing two operations at a time. Both of them will probably fail. For example, you are riding a bicycle with a friend and at the same time someone calls you and recites you some errands, or you are watching a video and talking on the phone. The multitude of task leads to dispersion and the quality of what you are doing reduces. Hence, our working memory is able to make one thing at a time in a really good way. So, even if you want to train your memorization, it is better not to do a settle of things together. It is recommended to do everything in a proper order, so that not to be confused. Moreover, while being concentrated, your effectiveness doubles, and the results are corresponding.

No Harm in Trying

Be always enthusiastic in your personal research of new ways of self-development and while improving the level of your effectiveness. Each person and each body are individual and unique creatures. That is the reason why we can never guess what is definitely better for us until we search the answers to our own questions and check their reliability in real life. Strive for finding out your personal “memory boosting devices,” because there is still no unique pattern, but there is still a huge field of undiscovered phenomena of our mind and body. If you stay hungry to changes and improvements, you can raise your effectiveness and make a breakthrough for humanity. That is why, searching for methods which work for you personally is also the right solution. They say, there is no harm in trying!


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