Sample of an Essay: What Are the Secret Keys to Success?


Writing is a creative process, which requires a lot of inspiration and attention to details. If you are writing an essay you certainly should work for your reader. The first tip, which is necessary to remember, is to be a friend for the reader. It does not matter what the theme or the aim of your work are, whether you want to persuade or to show personal opinion. You still should be aware that the main goal is to call an interest and provoke some memories, images or feelings. There should be something that touches and appeals. If you write about abstract things and you are ready to think in a philosophical manner, your work should have things which are familiar to everyone and that everyone will get. Thus, when you write about reaching success, you should start with something that everyone could have experienced, went through or seen. For example, your beginning might appeal to feelings, like this: “If you drink your tea after work and feel that you are not satisfied with your results or with what you do, it is high time for changes.” In this text, you will learn how to write an essay on the topic of success, you will also study some interesting ways of presenting thoughts and facts.

Choose the Right Headline

The first thing which should attract the interest of the audience is the headline. It should be quite intellectual, inspiring and tricky, in order not to show all your cards at once. You can use different types of a sentence. It can question or be emphatic or it may contain words in transferred meaning. You can also use phrases of famous people or phraseological expressions to impress the one who will value your work. As you can see, the headline of our text is in a form of a question. By giving questions you address to your target audience as to your partner. You can also present two concurrent statements, like: “Being successful is easy: myth or reality?” Contrastive or contradictory affirmations catch the eye of the reader at once.

Creating a “Skeleton” of the Text

After getting ready with your headline, which is actually the definition of your topic, you should become aware of things you will scrutinize about. Imagine your essay structure as a skeleton and make a plan. Each part of the skeleton is a new passage which introduces a new idea or generalizes a thought. This “skeleton” is a ground for your further work, it is a scheme, necessary for clarifying the essence of the text. Since you see the logically connected paragraphs which refer to the structure of the essay, you are ready “to go.” If you are a beginner or a “newcomer” in essay-writing, here is a helpful tip for you. In general, the structure of the essay consists of:  the thesis, then proofs supporting it, examples which prove the reliability of arguments and the generalization – the conclusion.

What to Begin With?

As you know, a good start is a guaranty of a good continuation.  Stating the thesis, you should be accurate and precise. It is important to express your thoughts logically and laconic. When affirming anything, think if your thoughts are tolerant to the people that are reading you. Talking about success you may start with such a question: “What is success? Why do we strive for it? Why is it so important for people?” Starting with the questions, you lead to your main idea, for instance, in that paragraph you try to formulate your own definition of success and search for the reason why it is so essential for people. You may say something like that: “It is in our nature to strive for better. We are looking for fame or richness, for an ideal family or perfect look. Striving for perfection is in our blood.” In such a way, you continue stating your opinion on the topic. An essay is an individual work, so here it is also convenient to stress on your personality. Phrases can sound like: “in my opinion,” “to my mind,” “I would say that,” “It is rather … than…” In this relation, you have a bunch of choices and you might use the one which suits you the best. At the end of the first paragraph you can add the purpose of your writing: “This essay will show you the secret keys for becoming successful” or “My writing is aimed to clarify the reasons why people strive for prosperity and perfection.” But remember, any information you give should be useful and make the message you send to the reader easier to catch.

Proofs and Their Reliability

Proving your point is the main part of your text. The deal of the primary importance here is the reliability of the facts given. You should not provoke scruples, or, on the contrary, allay all the suspicions and assure that what you think is the only truth. When presenting some facts or ideas which are the logical continuation of the beginning (thesis), you may add some linking words to create an even more logical picture. To enumerate things, you could use such structures: “firstly…secondly, on one hand…on the other hand.” To add the thought or opinion – “to add more,” “moreover,” “furthermore,” “more to that.” There is a huge amount of such expressions which make your text more structural and certain. You could use expressions for presenting arguments like “the first proof I want to introduce,” “to prove my opinion I would like to present such a fact.” Each argument you may enliven with the example from life, saying for example “the illustration for my argument is…,” “what illustrates my arguments is.” If the topic concerns success, tell about your personal experiences, success or fail and share it with your reader. Such revelations about true life experience maintain a firm contact between the audience and the writer.  Such examples persuade the reader even more.

Offer a New Perspective

Taking the stock of your work it is necessary to crown everything you have written about. Though, it is better not to generalize your thoughts and ideas, give a kind of a new perspective, tell something really fresh and optimistic instead. So, end an essay with words like these: “Though, it is never too late to feel happy just sitting near dear to you people, maybe there are things more precious than building a career and being famous…It is quite complete and philosophical to think about. All in all, success is a different notion for everyone.” The main point while writing an essay is to be genuine and open and to surprise your audience with easiness.

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