Sorry for Party Rocking

Crazy College Party

Just like in numerous movies and video clips college parties must be crowded, noisy and at some point even insane. It is the place where students forget all their concerns about studying problems, loosen up and just relax, communicate, enjoy themselves and have fun. Everyone is young and free, full of live energy and vivid emotions that they are eager to share.

That is why college parties must be creative. The times of that fancy and luxurious parties with calm classic music on the background and expensive champagne will come much later. And now it is time to cut fully loose and rock the parties.

5 Most Creative and Fresh Ideas for Your Party

One of the best ways to make your party really entertaining and unforgettable is to pick a theme and organize everything according to it. This includes decorations, invitations or event posters, outfits, music, food and drinks, and everything that helps to create the necessary atmosphere in general.

Theme parties allow to dress up in an unusual manner and express your creativity and sense of humor. They may give girls excuses to dress up sexy and force guys to change their outfit at least for a while. Theme parties are very popular among students and that may cause the real problem of finding some fresh ideas for them, because everything that comes to mind seems banal and boring.

Here are some interesting and creative themes that you can apply to your party.


Anything but Real Clothes

Do not worry, this has nothing to do with the alphabet. ABC stands for “Anything But Clothes”, and it is a party where people are not allowed to wear any kind of real clothes. Instead they can put on a paper dress or wrap themselves up in curtains or whatever other crazy stuff they will find comfortable. It will be a real fun to see what insane ideas your college friends can come up with while creating their party outfit.

Color Match or Rainbow Party

This is another idea to make your party original and funny. There are two variants of this theme, so choose the one that you like better. The first one is color match theme. Pick six colors. These could be red, green, yellow, blue, white and pink, for example. At the beginning of the party the guests’ outfits must contain the pieces of the determined colors. Everything from head to toes must be of different colors. As the party goes on, they have to exchange their clothes with others until they form an outfit of only one color. It will be interesting to see how people swap their trousers or socks in order to match their outfits’ colors. It is a great way to make people more open and comfortable with each other as many of them can find themselves literally standing in the shoes of others.

Another variant is to pick rainbow colors. Your guests can wear different colors or the same color, that does not matter. The main requirement is to have at least one piece of a rainbow color. And then everything is pretty much like in the first variant: people find the colors they lack to form a full rainbow, exchanging clothes, communicating and having fun.

Thrift or Second Hand Shop

Wacky Tacky Party

It is the party where everyone must wear the wackiest and crankiest outfit they have found at a second hand or a thrift shop. This can be anything from a giant pink fur-coat to crazy green trousers with yellow polka dots, or an old Russian hat and mismatching boots. You will be surprised what weird stuff can be found at thrift shops and how colorful and funny it can look on your friends.


It is much funnier when you pick the season that is opposite to your current one, like winter party in summer and vice versa. Set your air conditioner at its lowest temperature, spray some fake frost on your windows glasses, prepare delicious ice cocktails and dress up in something warm and furry. As a variant you can pick three main winter holidays, like Christmas, Super Bowl Sunday, St. Valentine’s Day and decorate your party mixing the stuff that is typically associated with each of them. Your friends’ outfits may also have some elements of these holidays on their outfits.


Have you ever been in the situation when you are kind of flirting with a cute girl or boy and later find out that they have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? This is what is not going to happen at Stoplight party, where people wear red, yellow and green colors to tell if they are single or in a relationship. Red color means that it is better to stop with your flirting intentions, because this person is already in a relationship. Yellow means that the person is not looking for any kind of casual relationship but does not mind some flirting. Green means that the flirting road is clear: this person is single and ready to hook up with somebody. Colors can be great conversation starters at this party, and people do not have to worry about losing time on a person that is not interested in a new relationship.

So, whatever idea you choose, try to make your party entertaining and even crazy, but not lame and boring. Remember that parties are thrown first of all to have fun and relax.

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