Study and Work: Jobs That Allow to Earn Money and Make Time for College

Student with Money

Good practical skills are not less important, than strong theoretical knowledge. Part-time jobs give great possibilities not only to have some extra money, but also help to develop good money and time management skills, ability to work in team, build self-confidence, make the first steps towards the future career, understand better your capabilities and the directions of further professional growth.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Job

You do not have necessarily to possess a degree to start your career. There are lots of job opportunities, that not only allow you to earn money, but also give you the relevant experience in the industry of your interest. There are, however, several aspects to consider when looking for a part-time job in order to coordinate your college schedule and working hours. These aspects include:

  • the job’s location. The best variant would be to find a job that is close to your campus. This way you will not have to spend too much time on the road and money on transport fares or fuel for your car if you have it. Instead, this time can be spent on some homework or on-campus activity.
  • working hours. Before taking on the job make sure that you can commit to its working shifts and it will not influence your attendance at classes.
  • Of course, money is important, but it is not the most important feature of a part-time job. After all, your main priority is college studying and the job must be adjusted to it. This means, that it must not be too much energy and time consuming. It is better to choose lower payment, but more enjoyable job and easier working conditions.
  • career prospects. You need to decide what you are interested in: good payment or career prospects. Some jobs may offer both of them, but not always. Often if you choose career you will have to start from the initial positions, that are usually low-paid. But gained experience can be more rewarding than money. In future, when you get you degree, you can continue to work at the company full-time or look for another job, either way you will look more preferable than newly graduates without any relevant experience.
  • previous experience on the same position. If you have some previous experience, start to look for work in this sphere, this way it will be easier to get a job. If you do not have any relevant experience, do not forget to check if it is required in order to not lose your time in vain.

10 Popular Part-Time Jobs and Small Business Ideas

Now when you have the most important aspects to consider about your future work, have a look at the list of 10 part-time jobs that are great for college students.

1.      Book shop assistant

Campuses are often surrounded by numerous book stores, that employ many students. The job is not difficult and sometimes even allows to study while being at work. As an additional plus you get employee discounts for college books.

2.      Waiter

Young Waiter Serving Food

The job is pretty hard, as you have to be on your feet during the whole shift, carrying heavy trays with dishes and drinks and dealing with different types of customers, that are not always kind and polite. At the same time, it is a great possibility to improve your communication skills, gain practical experience of the direct interaction with customers, get some extra money from tips and have free meals.

3.      Catering staff

This job allows you to visit many places and different types of events: from birthday and dinner parties to splendid weddings. If you are looking for a flexible job, that takes place each time in different locations and offers a decent payment, consider this position as one that may be suitable for you.

4.       Office assistant

If there is a company you would like to work for after the graduation from college, this position is one of the best ways to start your career there and steadily immerse yourself into the industry. This position provides you with an opportunity to communicate with directors and top managers, that can be beneficial for the future full-time employment.

5.       Pet sitter

If you love animals it can be a great combination of getting money and have joy with your beloved furry friends. Although, this job is not highly payed, it can be suitable for those who do not have a lot of free time on a regular basis.

6.       Tutor

Young Tutor with a kid

You can work as an after-school teacher for children, whose families live close to your campus or sign up for one of the tutoring sites and offer your services there. Using Skype, you can work with people from other cities or even countries, teaching them English, for example, or other subjects that you excel in. With the reliable electronic payment systems that we have today, secure payments will not be a problem either.

7.       Craftsperson

If you create something nice, like different knick-knacks, handmade jewellery, home decoration stuff etc., you can sell it via the Internet and during Christmas fairs or Summer art festivals, developing this hobby into a small business. You know what people say: follow your passion and you will never have to work.

8.       Freelance

This variant is for creative people, who have relevant skills or who want to develop their skills and start the career already during college studying. Designers, 2D and 3D artists, writers, translators and many other undergraduate specialists can have a shot at completing their first orders and make money with their profession. It is also a great opportunity to get hired from professional and get some constructive criticism.

9.       Animateur

Superhero Entertainer

You can dress up as a clown, Disney princess or one of Marvel superheroes for kids’ birthdays, your college town’s events, local school fairs or cosplay events etc. and get paid for it. Use the Internet to find an event agency that hires people in your town and get the job. Although, pretty often you will have to stay under the burning sun in a heavy costume, but if you like to work with kids, be active and entertaining, this part-time job is created just for you.

10.   Secret shopper

Mystery shopping companies are always in need of new faces, so it is quite easy to become their secret customer. If you cannot work regularly, but want to earn some money from time to time, try this job, which at some point can be even fun to do. You will be given specific scenario and instructions in order to create atypical situation and see how the tested employees will deal with them. You may ask for additional free services, that are offered but not frequently required by ordinary customers, and see if they will be provided to you, or pretend to have a sudden asthma attack and see the reaction of the tested staff.  Do not forget, however, that the job is quite serious and the information that you will submit to your company’s office will be attentively analyzed and sent to the client.

So, while you are a student you have a really great opportunity to find a part-time job that is not too much difficult, boring, painful and badly paid, and do it when your college schedule allows you to. Of course, the is no ideal job for students, because whatever variant you pick it will still fail to compete with the most preferable students’ activities, which are hanging out with friends, watching TV-shows and playing computer games. But we are sure, that the mentioned above options can give you some practical ideas of what is available for students in the job market today.

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