What Prevents You from Being Prosperous?

 Fails and Problems

From time to time, people have to struggle with the unexpected difficulties in life influencing their job field. Imagine a common situation today – when you have graduated from university, you were a flourishing student, did on an excellent mark and now you fail at job or you are completely not satisfied with your job outcomes or just with your position on a job scale. It seems like the whole world loses bright colors, drags you into drab and there is no light in the tunnel. These images are very poetic unless you want to change things upside down and rule the routine. Complaining and feeling like a victim also have a right to existence in your life, but what if you begin to act persistently? The problem which arises is aimed to be solved. So, do not give up and take a deep breath of fresh air and push on going! Full speed ahead!  What do you need to know in order to be successful and grow each day? This writing will figure things out!

Positive and Happiness Are Viral

Positive Thinking

The first thing you should focus your attention on is your personality! Have you ever noticed how greatly your personal state and mood contributes to the completion of daily goals or to your effectiveness? It is well-known that there is a huge power in our universe which is called the power of attraction or gravitation. Discovered by Einstein, that phenomenon makes an impact not only on planets and humanity in general, but is related to people’s emotions too. Buddha said: “The mind is everything. You are what you think.” Possibly you have heard this phrase for a thousand times and never thought about its significance even for a moment. Adapting it to our routine problems, we should create such a conclusion: if you are inclined to think that your next day at work will not bring you anything to cheer you up, it surely will not. In contrast, positive thinking and good mood are the keys and already a pledge of your productivity. Positive thinking and the feeling of happiness are viral. Have you ever noticed that people who are literally always smiling attract the same ones, genuine and easy-going? That means, in its turn, that the first thing which is important to fix, is your way of thinking, the more good thoughts are set in your mind – the more good events will be attracted. Give it a try and you will see the changes.

Show Your Confidence

The other issue to talk about in the essay is your character. More specifically, it is all about the traits you can be characterized with. Imagine a successful man with a clumsy walk, being unconfident, apprehensive and not able to make a firm decision. Sounds quite impossible, right? Hence, there are certain qualities a prosperous person is usually associated with, meaning that there are qualities which are essential for being effective. Let us guess which is the first one. It is confidence, for sure. When you act like a reliable person, showing that you believe in what you do, other people will get under your influence and trust you too. Showing your confidence should be also grounded on some knowledge or experience because confidence is shallow when it is based on self-assurance. Be decisive and spirited, you are developing, thinking and growing when you do something.

Make Mistakes

You might argue that decision-making is not a deal for the new-comers, for example.  Though, who says that it is forbidden to make mistakes? You do not lapse if you do not act. So, when it comes to judging yourself, because you did the wrong thing, stop and think it over again. People often remember their own faults more than their contributions and they are nagging themselves and bringing their self-esteem to a low level. Our mistakes teach us how to live and present valuable personal experience, precious for self-development.

Wake Your Body Up

Since you are ready morally, it is necessary to get ready physically. It is a deal of great importance to establish the right way of getting out of your bad. Wake your body up, so that you are not sleepy all day. Every person has his secret of getting a load of energy in the morning. Someone gets into mood with the help of coffee, someone does charging exercises in the morning. Everyone has his/her “secret recipe” for encouragement.

Gadgets Interference


After we have clarified that moral and physical issues stand on the way of becoming prosperous, it is convenient to speculate on the issue of which other things can interfere our working process? A study on the science of distraction showed that people spend 25 minutes on average to switch from their gadgets to the task assigned. That means that working with gadgets reduces concentration and effectiveness in many times. Moreover, in such a case, people use to think that they are multitasking, but that is an illusion, because our brain shifts from one activity to another really quickly, but it does not perform several actions at a time. If your social networks are on and you are disturbed each time you receive a message or see a notification, the task you are doing will not be done properly. As a result of the study, it was found out that the participants of the experiment did not even realize which effect gadgets make on them. The disadvantages which the mobile phones and tablets cause are also a disturbed sleep and a fear of leaving out. The danger of the continual use of tablets before going to bed leads to a disturbed sleep. The quality of sleep reduces, because of the sleep hormone, melatonin, which is usually produced at 9 p.m. When you are surfing the Internet with your gadgets before sleep, the bright light of the tablet screen makes your mind to think that it is day and as we know melatonin is produced only at night in complete darkness. The other danger that might intercross your daily businesses is the fear of missing all the latest news, trends, and events from your friends’ life. That fear makes people look at the screen of their mobile phones from time to time and scroll through the “news wall” which is constantly renewing. It is a huge mistake if you choose to do both tasks simultaneously: be in touch with your friends and do your job. Now it is clear that using mobile devices can cause a harmful effect on your success at job or in general. If you are free from “gadget-dependency,” possess necessary qualities and are in a good disposition, you are on the right way! Follow it!

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